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PLR for Bloggers-A Quick Guide

If you’re a time-deprived blogger who’s always found it hard to come up with unique, fresh content, PLR may seem like a dream come true. However, it’s not always as easy as it seems. Although PLR is a useful tool for blog content development, it’s not something that can be copied and pasted (at least, it can’t if you don’t want to run afoul of Google!) To gain a greater understanding, let’s look at what PLR is and how it’s used.

What Is It?

If you’re not already familiar with what is private label rights, PLR is private label rights content. When you buy it, you’re not just getting text; you’re also gaining the right to claim it as your own and use it as you choose. For instance, private label info products may be used on blogs, converted into resell rights videos or audio formats, or turned into an email autoresponder series. PLR is a fantastic resource and a big time-saver, but only if it’s used correctly. To do so, you’ll need to choose good content from a reliable premium content supplier and change it to meet your needs.

Finding Effective Content

If you want to put PLR to good use, you can’t just rehash the same article packs and master resale rights eBooks that have been making the rounds. You know the ones—those packs of 1000+ articles sold for pennies or given as bonuses with other internet marketing items. There’s a good reason those packs are sold so cheaply; they’re not worth much! The content has been around for so long (and it’s been published so many times) that it’s almost impossible to turn them into something usable. Look for content that’s been recently developed, written by a good author, and published on a limited basis.

Making it Great

The last thing you should do is to use videos PLR content as-is. Even if you’re not afraid of duplicate content penalties, it’s important to remember that your job as a blogger is to give your readers something interesting, unique, and valuable. If your readers find the same content being published elsewhere, it will seriously damage your standing as an expert in your niche. At the least, you should rewrite the content to make it unique enough for the search engines. Alternatively, instead of completely rewriting each piece, use the content as a starting point for your own research. If you’re still unsure about what niche you should go into, you should consider choosing one of the most profitable evergreen niches for your business. But also make sure you’re choosing a niche that you’re very passionate about. This will ensure you never get bored and are excited to be writing content about your niche.

Other Ways to Use PLR

As great as PLR is for bloggers, its usefulness doesn’t end there. When they’re combined, make money online PLR articles can easily be made into free reports, done-for-you coaching programs, or email autoresponder series that you can use to encourage email signups. Although you should still rewrite the content, using PLR to create bonuses is much less expensive than hiring a ghostwriter and getting content created from scratch. Using motivation PLR to create podcasts and videos, whether they’re used in your promos or on your blog, is another awesome idea. Because these formats aren’t indexed by the search engines, you can worry less about Google’s penalties.

Where rebrandable products are concerned, the only limit is your creativity and your imagination. With the tips and tricks I’ve given you, it’ll be much easier to find greatPLR and make it your own.