6 Interesting Online Advertising Ideas

The most important part of a business venture is to advertise it and get potential customers. After setting up a business, you might tell your close circle about it, but then the process can be a tad bit slow.If you want to grow your business fast and get more customers instantly, the trick is to advertise your business.

Here are six tried and tested interesting online advertising ideas for your business.

  1. Newsletters

Newsletters are an easy and effective way to advertise businesses online. They can provide industry updates and success stories from the organization. You can also include special offers and deals for those who subscribe to the online newsletter. If you are an automotive company, look for competitors in a automotive directory and check their newsletters to get a better idea and also make yours different and more appealing.

  1. Local Website Advertising

Check for the top businesses from a top-rated lifestyle directory and place your advertisements on their websites. If you manufacture products that can boost their business, you might be able to cut a good deal with them. People tend to spend a large part of their day online, and hence these advertisements on local websites can boost your business.

  1. Social Networking

Reports suggest that over 35% customers use social networks and hence it is a great platform for advertising your business. You can connect with potential new customers on the different social network sites. The social networking sites also help your business by attracting new customers with interesting photos, videos, and posts. The different posts also improve your rating in your local home and garden directory or even in a reputable health directory.

  1. eBay Listings

One of the easiest ways to spread the word about your new business is to get eBay listings. When you list your business on eBay, you automatically watch your listing improve on different directories you are part of whether it is the kid’s directory or finance directory section.

  1. Promote User-Submitted Content

This is slowly becoming a much sought-after advertising idea online. When you use content submitted by users you can take your pick from the interesting content without spending any money. You also get to initiate a conversation between different users and build a network. If you see an increase in the number of submissions, you can also organize awards and prizes for the contents that make it to the website.

  1. Promote on YouTube

YouTube is the best place for videos. You can start a page for your business and include video blogs by users and also include different promotional videos of your business. You can have tutorial videos for the different products along with video reviews and feed backs. Nielsen claims that YouTube videos reach adults between 18-30 years of age faster than television.

Use these interesting online advertising ideas and watch your business grow. Even if you start small, you will enjoy a better ranking in different directories including a career directory in no time. These ideas are tried and tested by some of the leading businesses.